Field firmware upgrade for your CarNetix products.

U-Flash (tm) allows you to upgrade your firmware by using an inexpensive PIC programmer which can be purchased online. All of the details of the process are outlined HERE. Make sure you carefully select the appropriate firmware to download that matches the revision (version) of your hardware PC board. This Version number can be found on the top of the PC board in white lettering.

Here is an example of the PCB Version 1.2

Once you have determined which PCB version you have, you can download the new firmware HERE.
If you only want to tweak certain parameters in your current firmware CLICK HERE.

P1260 V1.x users - Please Note:!!
If you are downloading firmware for the P1260 version 1.3 and plan to use the Standby Mode, YOU MUST READ THE PRECAUTIONS BELOW, otherwise you may destroy your CarNetix product. It is very important that you understand the potential issues involved by using Standby.

The CNX-P1260 supports both Hibernate and Standby operation of your CarPC. This option is jumper selectable with Pins 5 & 6 on JP1.

When supporting Hibernation the P1260 completely shuts down all power to the CarPC after the Shutdown Lockout State. However, if Standby mode is selected, the P1260 continues to provide +12V after the Shutdown Lockout State is completed, but turns off its fans to conserve power. This has several very important ramifications.

1) In Standby your CarPC continues to receive +12V power from the P1260 so that it can retain the processor state in RAM. If for some reason the CarPC did not properly shut down when it received the ACPI shutdown pulse from the P1260, it will continue to draw current from the P1260. THIS WILL CAUSE THE P1260 TO OVERHEAT AND POTENTIALLY SELF-DISTRUCT. You MUST make sure your CarPC properly enters the Standby State before you exit your car. If you don't, you may return to your car surrounded by the local fire department.

2) Any USB devices connected to your CarPC via the USB connector will continue to draw current in the Standby state. THIS COULD POTENTIALLY DRAIN YOUR BATTERY IF THE CURRENT DEMAND OF YOUR USB DEVICES IS VERY HIGH. Exercise caution when using USB devices in the Standby mode.

Standby should only be used after you fully understand the above points. If you do not understand the above information, DO NOT USE THE STANDBY MODE.

P1260 V1.x Hibernate/Standby Operation