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U-Flash Firmware Upgrades and Tweaks

Here you will find firmware upgrades and memory locations for changing various operating parameters such as Shutdown Delay Timer and Low Batter detection threshold.


CNX-P5V Installation Manual Ver 1.2
Updated 2/16/07 to include P2140 installations

How do I know which PCB version I have???

The Version (board revision number) is printed in white on top of the PCB.

Warranty & Repair Information

Support Documentation

Below are manuals, mods, and support documentation for CarNetix Products


CNX-P1260 Intallation Manual for PCB Version 1.0. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
CNXP-1260 Intallation Manual for PCB Version 1.5, 1.6


CNX-P1280 Intallation Manual Ver 1.0+


CNX-P1290 Intallation Manual Ver 1.0+
CNX-P1290 LED Flash Sequences (9MB Video)



CNX-P1900 Intallation Manual Ver 1.0
CNX-P1900 Installation Manual Ver 2.1
CNX-P1900 LED Flash Sequences (12MB Video)
CNX-P1900 Timing Sequences
CNX-P1900 Firmware Version 2.8 (3/9/07)

Firmware version 2.8 changes the following:

  1. Prevents Mac mini from being able to wake from sleep without going into overcurrent.
  2. Changed Low Battery threshold from 10.6V to 11.5V.
  3. Extended ACPI pulse from1.5 sec to 1.7 sec. (some Intel Mac minis need this).
Mac min Applications
When using the P1900 V2.1 with the Intel Mac mini, you will need to add the resistor mod shown below. If you are using the P1900V2.2, this resistor is already built in. No modifications are required. 
Mac mini resistor mod #1
If you have damaged your board, you may use the following resistor mod.
Mac mini resistor mod #2

IWill ZPCgx Applications
When using the P1900 to power an IWill ZPCgx you will need the optional power cable CNX-CA-PWR. The document below explains how to properly connect this cable to the P1900
IWILL ZPCgx Power Cable Connection Guide


P2140 Regulator 

V1.4 Upgrade Video Tutorial (15MB)
CNX-P2140 Frequently Asked Questions
CNX-P2140 Preliminary Installation Manual Ver 1.2

CNX-P2140 Firmware Upgrade Guide (*updated 12/30/06)
CNX-P2140 V1.4.4 Firmware (*updated 3/28/07)
V1.4.4 firmware fixes P2140 restarting issues and hub recognition issues.
CNX-P2140 V1.8.3 Firmware

V1.8.3 firmware fixes several bugs including Deadman timer issues. Make sure you also upgrade

the PSUmoni2140 application software to V1.8.3

CNX-P2140 LED Sequence Video  (normal operation)
CNX-P2140 Startup/Shutdown Timinig Sequence Diagram


PSUmoni Application

PSUmoni2140 Software Installation Guide
PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Ver 1.0 (original release)
PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Ver 1.4 (*updated 12/30/06) 

PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Ver 1.4 High Contrast LED segment readouts (3/24/07)

PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Ver 1.8.3
PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Windows 7 32 bit (beta)

PSUmoni2140 Installation Software Windows 7 64 bit (beta)

Use with P2140 V1.8.3 firmware.



Xenarc Products

Xenarc PSU-PC12 Installation Manual Ver 1.1

This regulator is used with the Xenarc SC3

Xenarc PSU-PC19 Installation Manual Ver 1.0

This regulator is used with the Xenarc SC8

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